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Chicago: Lewis-Smith Studio, Moffett Studio, Morrison    Nov 20, '09 2:25 AM
by vlad for group historicalziegfeldgroup #171

Lewis-Smith Studio
Time Period: 1910s-1920s (?)
Location: Chicago
“in Chicago had some extraordinarily gifted camera artists working for it during the 1910s and '20s. I've been collecting information on them for years, but have never been able to i.d. the photographers.”
© David S. Shields

Moffett Studio
Time Period: 1905-present
Location: 57 East Congress Street, Chicago
“George Moffett and his colleague George O. Hinchliffe shared a penchant for shooting whole figure or half-length portraits done in relatively sharp focus, often in elaborate studio settings. When he produced head shots for theatrical publicity, they were often strong profiles. Images he produced personally were signed in bold red characters. Photographs were signed in the negative with a copyright symbol and MOFFETT STUDIO in sans serif unicals.”
© David S. Shields

Time Period: 1890s-1920s
Location: Chicago
Perhaps W M Morrison.

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