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Theatre Magazine 1924    Dec 1, '09 9:45 PM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #187

(Using the instructions of Ob & Gumlegs, and calling two University IT experts, I have been attempting to get scans free of moire patterns when compressed. This I hope marks an improvement from the 1925 volume, which I will rescan shortly)

In February of 1924 Florenz Ziegfeld commenced his feud with Arthur Hornblow, editor of Theatre Magazine.

This year marked the first appearance of the work of John De Mirjian in the monthly, and Hornblow's fascination with ultra-soft focus work of Ben Rabinovitch. Goldberg supplanted Johnston [Alfred Cheney Johnston / ACJ] as the default photographer for the magazine. Nickolas Muray remained a popular second choice. James Abbe sent in the odd picture from Paris and London.

The typical Theatre issue contained five or six full page, usually full figure portraits, a half dozen stills apiece for two or three plays, and a number of head shots. I have not included the classical musicians or the movie stars here.



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