Pradžia / _2016 New / 2016_ Aug 6 - Adele Klaer Correction: Monroe (White Studios) was ACJ maybe_profdash [6]

August 6: Please see comments on album for more info. jane

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  • historicalzg - 1Atsakyti
    @ Profdash : Thanks, David. This brings me back to the Marion Davies that was backstamped by White and was on your site but showed up in the Tribune (I think it was) on a full page of photos by ACJ. Do you remember it? I could add both here, for lack of a better place, so everyone can refresh their memories. Perhaps the photo was mistakenly published as ACJ when it was not? Then again, there are the Evelyn Laye ACJ photos that are backstamped White. Hm. Maybe an album of all of those with these would be useful for discussion and clarification?

    If so, will do when I finish these tapestries. Today!

  • Profdash - 1Atsakyti
    When you think it was ACJ doing a White issued photo, it is Edward They Monroe who took it. He was an employee of White Studio from 1915-1919.
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