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  • oldiznew - 1Reply
    Still need some help? I just discovered this site and having some difficulty figuring it out. Are you still looking for assistance with ACJ?

    Sorry if this is covered somewhere else.


  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ catglinda : Hi catglinda, I wouldn't make such assumptions about using these or any photos. I have no idea about the ramifications of using these photos in a book. I suggest you contact Bob Hudovernik, author of Jazz Age Beauties, and see what he had to go through to use them. I think he has a Facebook site? Dunno because I don't go to Facebook. I can ask him though.

    If you do decide to use photos from here, please do not use any that members have scanned and donated from their personal collections without their permission. You can tell them when you see them. And we can certainly tell them when we see them used elsewhere. David and John and me have all contributed scans here and names will will usually be appended to the file names. And remember that's it's always nice to give credit where credit is due.

    Also... besides the question of copyright... many relatives of the women in these photos can be quite annoyed when finding them used without their permission. Another thing to take into consideration. It took quite a bit of persuading on my part to be able to keep certain photos up for educational purposes and not be dragged into court for using a relative's photos without the family's permission.
  • catglinda - 1Reply
    Hi! I'm currently almost finished writing a book about Ziegfeld but in order to get a publisher, I will need illustrations. Does anyone know if I can use the pictures on this website without infringing any copyrights? Most of the pictures are so old it doesn't seem like there'd be any problem with copyrights. I'd appreciate any advice anyone might have! thanks.
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