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Piwigo has updated to v2.6 and added a new plugin: Admin Tools. This adds easy access at the top of pages to items previously only available through the Admin Panel.

I've added some screen shots here. Perhaps only Admins can see these Admin Tools? Or only Admins and Co-Admins? If you can't see the Admin Tools on your screen, please let me know so I can try to figure out what levels have them.

1. When you sign in you will see the new icons at the top of your screen.

2. When you go to a section (like New 2013-2014) others will show as well.

3. When you open an album and choose the new Edit icon of the Admin Tools, you'll be able to change certain things in the album by using the "Action" drop down at the bottom of the screen. I can't get a screen shot of the available actions so please check them out. They include "Move" and much more.

In the screen shot shown, I checked the boxes of the duplicate pics in the album that Tinkerer requested be removed. Then I went to the Actions drop-down box and chose "delete" and checked the required box saying I was sure I wanted to do that.

4. Shows that the dupe pics I'd checked are actually gone. I show the remaining pics checked because now, if I was the author of the album, I could choose Actions again and then add my name to all checked pics as the Author. Or do whatever other actions are available there.

5. Shows album after all editing and as we all will see it.

Questions? Corrections? Feature requests? Please ask!

If you do not see the Admin icons please let me know.


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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    Re: "Comments now need an image ID. I couldn't post this against a gallery."

    Temporarily resolved by disabling the Akismet plugin which will be updated to stop interference with Piwigo v2.6.
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    This discussion is moved from under a pic album. Please keep it going here for problems and feature requests, thanks.

    tinkerer - Wednesday 12 March 2014 19:32

    Comments now need an image ID. I couldn't post this against a gallery.

    As of the time of the new release, I seem to no longer have a way to set a collection as active, which makes them fairly useless to me.

    Also, it would be nice if there were some way to move photos from one collection to another. I collect things in temp and distribute them to the appropriate collection. This keeps the size of collections manageable. Of course now the already collected flag is of no use, because everything is new to temp. The way I do this now is a bit baroque.

    Is there any concept of a link to an existing photo, or must I download and upload as a duplicate?

    Labels like "ACJ3 Jane Smith" sort as "A" not "J", and if you can't rename or alias such a photo, the only recourse seems to be duplication. Duplicates have a way of getting out of sync. Say "Jane Smith maybe" is changed to "Sarah Jones maybe". This has no effect on the renamed duplicate, and you have conflicting IDs.

    Can you dilate a little on the amounts and locations of what you want moved and the rules about where it should go? People without manager privileges could help. They could create public collections named to correspond with the destinations. What I'm not clear on is whether the help outweighs the obvious managerial overheads.

    Regardless, I really like the site and definitely find it very useful.


    historicalzg - Wednesday 12 March 2014 21:04

    @ tinkerer : Thanks so much for all of the helpful info. I'm going to forward your comments to Pierrick and see what can be done. I've never used some of the features you're having problems with: collections, for example. I can see where not being able to set one as active would make it useless though. I'll have to ask Pierrick if it's possible to move photos in collections.

    As far as site albums go, how 'moving' pics is done - at least it was, dunno if it still is - is also a baroque procedure. The problem is enhanced by language differences between English and Dutch and other European languages since piwigo is based outside the U.S. (which has its advantages and disadvantages).

    For instance, to 'move' a pic one would have to go into the album and 'associate' it to the new album and 'disassociate' it from the existing album. To copy a photo on the site to another album, one would have to go into the photo and 'associate' it to the 2nd album. It should be easier - and easier to understand - but I had no luck bringing it up on the Forums last year. So the trick is to think "associate" and "disassociate" rather than 'move' or 'copy.'

    If this makes no sense to you or anyone ... well... it's hard to explain something that doesn't make sense :smile:

    The problem with renaming photos is also a major problem for all the reasons you mention. I have sometimes gone in and added the correct spelling for a typo'd name in comment so that it would at least show up in search. But the other problem of comments not showing under albums (as they did on Multiply) and of having to hope one sees a comment is posted under a pic and then open the comment to view it... well, that too is useless and makes no sense. Something needs to be done about all that but again, when I brought up the comments issue on the Forum last year it wasn't followed up.

    Without the ability to rename an uploaded photo in a way that it will be effective, without 'move' and 'copy' and only the complicated 'associate' and 'disassociate,' we're pretty much stuck. I can only forward all this to Pierrick and see if he can mention it all to whoever works on the piwigo format and features.

    Another major issue for me is that, although there is a Community plug-in, there is no way to actually have a Community. Members aren't listed, no-one has icons, there's no way to tell who is who or what, no way to communicate effectively, no way to make announcements, etc. That is due to piwigo not being meant for groups, at least initially. Again, I brought that up last year to no avail.

    All that said, there was no other place that had anything like what we were used to on Multiply. I begged and cajoled, tried to verbally bribe site owners to create a format with some of those features as Groups are where its at. There are so many pic sites for individuals but very little available for Groups. That's where the money would be but ... apparently no-one is interested in making any money :smile: I told Pierrick back then that I'd be willing to pay more yearly for usable features and what the benefits to Piwigo would be if they'd create a sliding scale according to features and..... well, here we are :smile:

    I'll comment separately on your question about amounts and locations of pics though I don't know if I can come up with any specific ideas. Those who have been around since the dawn of Multiply (which must be at least 8 years ago now?) should also have ideas and be able to move things.

    Thanks so much again. I really appreciate the input!



    historicalzg - Wednesday 12 March 2014 21:22

    @ tinkerer : And PS - I should have mentioned that the Piwigo Forums are geared for users who install Piwigo on their servers (same as Wordpress users do with Wordpress). There are no Forums for users who pay for the Piwigo hosted Piwigo sites (again, similar to Free Wordpress). Though the two groups of users have different problems, requests and other issues.

    A request for Pierrick and other Support to read these comments has been sent.


    historicalzg - Wednesday 12 March 2014 21:42

    @ tinkerer : OK... onwards! Re: "Can you dilate a little on the amounts and locations of what you want moved and the rules about where it should go? People without manager privileges could help. They could create public collections named to correspond with the destinations. What I'm not clear on is whether the help outweighs the obvious managerial overheads."

    Thanks for asking. I hope I have some helpful ideas. The ACJ pics are the biggest problem. I have never finished moving the stuff from both HZ and HZG to here as I found the pic name changes over the years and the sheer volume of ACJ images to be way out of my league. I just don't have the brain power or energy for it or the inclination to be a pic sorter either. I go off on tangents at first sight of some nuance that interests me and before I know it a year has gone by and I'm reading a site in Tasmania.

    What I'd like to see happen - and that would motivate me to get the old stuff up - is for others to do exactly what you describe... add albums of what interests them or in which they have some proficiency. ACJ can be sorted so many ways: nudes, portraits, costumes, simply by names of subjects, etc.

    Any and all of those albums should be in the ACJ section:


    Of course all that would require a certain level of participation even from those not creating albums or moving pics around. Comments and corrections, new insights, etc. The site is only as useful as its members.

    I really really really wish someone would finish the ACJ NEA pics in that section! I know I'm not the only one who has them all - and others have them all named and organized. Same with old pics from Multiply. I can't be the only one who has them.

    Name changes and corrections - as pics are posted and discussed - that still remains a problem without the ability to change them in a way that affects search and such as you mentioned but perhaps that will be fixed or we can find a way around it.

    Please ask me to clarify or say more if needed. I'm always out of brain cells by 1 pm and it's now 1:45 pm :smile:

    And so glad you still like the site and find it useful!



    historicalzg - Thursday 13 March 2014 19:41

    @ tinkerer : Hi Tinkerer and everyone. I have received some info from Pierrick regarding this/these issues.

    First, your info on Collections. Tinkerer, please email support@piwigo.com with Subject Line: Pierrick: Collections problems on Historical Ziegfeld and explain to him the active issue and also some info on how Collections could be used by members to create albums here. I received this from him and couldn't explain because I haven't used them:

    "I have no idea what's the problem with Collections. It would be interesting that I understand how you use them on your Piwigo (this way I can tell you if you could do it another way or if User Collections plugin could be improved for your use). "

    And please ask him to forward me the conversation you have with him about them so I can try to understand as well, thanks.

    Secondly, the problem now of leaving comments directly on albums rather than on pics inside albums. He said:

    "I have reported the problem of Akismet+Comments on Albums on http://piwigo.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=23511 that should be fixed soon (I'll tell you)"

    I'll disable the Akismet plug-in but that may cause a spam issue until the above problem is fixed. If anyone seems SPAM before I do please delete it.

    Thirdly, the problem of editing filenames and other things with pics like the creator etc. He says:

    "First : try the new plugin Admin Tools. It will let the user who uploaded the photo to edit it easily. "

    I've told him the plug-in is not yet available on the Plug-Ins Admin panel for us. When he adds it, I will activate it and see what it does and if it will help with the file renaming problems.

    And lastly... he said:

    "Can you refresh my mind about the problem of "associate/dissociate"? "

    And my reply was:

    "Associate and Disassociate: These are difficult concepts for everyone who is used typical photo sites where users can "move" and/or "copy" pics. It might be ok for personal sites on piwigo for those whose first experience is with those actions but for group sites using large numbers of pics to create new albums from existing pics uploaded by others, associate and disassociate is just not feasible. Why not be able to just 'move' and 'copy' pics without have to 1) grasp that concept and 2) go through so many steps to simply move or copy? So what happens instead, since people can't use associate/disassociate, is they continuously upload dupes of what's already been uploaded by someone else since they're unable to 'copy' or 'move.'

    Along with that goes the problem of not being able to change a pic filename in a way that is meaningful, that will easily show the corrected filename and also be useful in 'search' with when the correct name is searched for.

    I will ask member Tinkerer to email you regarding the 'collections' problem he is having as I have never used that feature. It seems that what he was doing with them and what he is proposing as their usefulness in creating albums from existing uploads would be most helpful if the problem is solved.

    Resolution of the move/copy and the collections problems would certainly cut down on usage of server space for pics as well and that is certainly to Piwigo's benefit as well as to users benefit."

    And that's it for now.

    Thanks everyone and appreciate the help and patience!

  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    Please look over this new Help album for the Admin Tools plugin added in March 2014. If you don't have the Admin Tools icon on your pages please say here so I can figure out who can see them and what levels of permissions can't.

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