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New York: Campbell Studios, Charlotte Fairchild    Nov 19, '09 4:34 AM
by vlad for group historicalziegfeldgroup #170

Campbell Studios
Time Period: 1903-1928
Location: 538 Fifth Avenue, New York City
“The New York Branch of Campbell Studios was one of the active celebrity portrait studios in the 1900s to early 1920s. It's forte was the half length portrait photo of stage or screen stars in fashionable modern dress. It regularly supplied photographs to THE THEATRE and to movie magazines. There may have been two or more staff photographers shooting clients, for the style of portraiture varies from static poses shot in natural light to fanciful fashion poses.”
© David S. Shields

Charlotte Fairchild
Time Period: 1915-1927
Location: 5 East 47th Street, New York City
“Charlotte Fairchild did theatrical production photography, usually of experimental theater, studio portraiture in which a stunningly dressed solitary individual stood or lounged about Fairchild's sumptuously furnished work space, and plein air dance photography of young, chitton-dressed women in groups in parks. Her outdoor photography had a pictorialist poetry to it, her studio work a clarity of focus and elegance of arrangement that was distinctive, and her production photography a straightforwardness that permitted the ideas of the designer or choreographer to be conveyed unambiguously. Her images translated well to the print medium.”
© David S. Shields

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