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Chicago: Bloom, Butler, Celebrity, Matzene, Rayhuff-Richter, Stone Raymor Nov 20, '09 2:40 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #172

Time Period: 1920s-1930s (?)
Location: Chicago.

Time Period: 1920s (?)
Location: Chicago

Time Period: 1920s (?)
Location: Chicago

Matzene Studios
Jens Rudolph Matzene
Charles Pike
Time Period: 1900-1937
Location: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles
“The name given to three art photography galleries founded by Danish "Count" Jens Rudolph Matzene (1875?-1950) in Chicago (1900-1937), New York City (1908-1911), and Los Angeles (1911-1919).
Count Matzene specialized in artistic portraiture, particularly of women. Because pose was centrally significant in his eyes as a vehicle of personality, he favor images in which the whole body or substantial portions were visible. He devalued ornate scenery and emphasized the quality of the sitters' clothing.”
© David S. Shields

Ray Huff
Time Period: 1920s-1930s (?)
Location: Chicago, later moved to L.A.

Paul Stone Raymor, Ltd
Time Period: 1920s-1940s (?)
In Chicago, 430 N. Michigan Ave.
Opposite Tribune Tower
Extre Fourth Floor
In Champaign, 623 East Green St. Phone 2245
“PORTRAITS by Paul Stone-Raymor, Ltd., are imbued with a subtle quality of distinction which sets them apart from the ordinary . . . they possess a charming "something" . . . Portraits . . . striking in cleaverness. . . typical of the unusual . . . some daring . . . others conventionally modern. Mr. Stone enjoys an enviable reputation as an artist ... a reputation which is the result of 15 years of fixed intent ... to make the finest portraits for a clientele which places quality before price ... he knows feminine and masculine requirements in the art of "taking" and he and his clever staff of artist constitute the acme of perfection in their line. . . . One with an eye for beauty cannot look over Mr. Stone's collection of prints without realizing the "difference" . . . portraits that express charm and individuality . . . no matter what sort of a picture is desired . . . whether the season's smartest debutante . . .society's leadin matron, collee youth or miss, business man or celebrity . . . the name Paul Stone-Raymor, Ltd., stands for the extraordinary . . . Chicago admirers of the unusual are most enthusiastic in their praise of the results obtained.”
“Robert Vidoloff (Bob Vido) claims he was in the ROTC from 1928-1931, and then a photographer for Paul Stone-Raymor, a Chicago glamour photo studio.”

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