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New York: Haz, Hiller, Leonetti, Rabinovitch, Schwarz, Vayana    Nov 25, '09 3:51 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #175

Nicholas Haz
Time Period: 1924-1950
Location: Manhattan, with occasional West Coast sojourns
“While he photographed a vast range of subjects, his invariable concern in photography was composition. He was interested in depth of field, assymetry, and visual echo effects. He tended toward straight photography, thinking the art of the camera was largely a work of setting the frame for the picture. His prints are not overly worked, and he was a minimal retourcher.”
© David S. Shields

Lejaren A. Hiller
Time Period: 1920-1950 (?)
Location: New York
“Lejaren A. Hiller (1880 - 1969) was a remarkable photographer known particularly for theatrically staged tableaus. Lejaren A. Hiller Sr. was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and studied photography in various locations before embarking on his long photographic career. Often Lejaren would spend all of his effort arranging the set and actors in his tableau, with an assistant actually making the final negative. Thusly, Lejaren is often construed as more of a "director" than "photographer."
Lejaren A. Hiller Sr. is often remembered for his famous quote about photographic technique:
“If a man wants to strangle his wife and throw her in the kitchen sink, let him do it any way he wants to. If he's doing it awkwardly, or not the way I'd do it, all right -- it's a good job so long as he gets her into the sink, completely strangled.”

Carlo Leonetti
Time Period: 1918-1950
Location: 53 West 46th Street, New York City
“Leonetti often muted tonalities. He shot unadorned almost abstract nudes, often posed with a mannerist breadth of gesture. His portraits have a purity and lack of complication that is refreshing. His 1930s portraits often attempted a two-dimensional, graphic quality by reducing shadows to a minimum. He sought to depict the humanity of persons, and was among the most sympathetic of theatrical portraitists.”
© David S. Shields

Carlo Leonetti & the Vanities

Ben Magid Rabinovitch
Time Period: 1905-1940
Location: 142 West 57th, 40 W. 56th Street , NYC
“Signing his work by his last name--'Rabinovitch'--this portraitist and still life photographer became a force in New York artist circles as a pedagogue and photographic taste-maker. In his earliest work, pre 1927, Rabinovitch cultivated a pictorialist density and richness of texture, yet he possessed an aesthetic clarity of line and an instinct for the integral disposition of various pictorial elements. Rabinovitch was particularly adamant in his determination not to retouch 'anything above the shoulders' in a portrait at a time when wrinkle erasers and 'eye doctors' dominated the dark rooms; yet he would manipulate everything in other portion of the pictorial field for expressive purposes. He did theatrical work, but his interest in human appearance was broad and he would approach interesting looking people on the street in order to portray them. In the later 1920s, he became increasingly interested in objective modernism and the sharp edge/clear focus aesthetic emerging in art photography. Yet this clarity was added to what was primarily an experimental outlook to the medium. Like Man Ray, he would solarize, or abstract pictorial elements. His still lifes from the 1930s have a spare monumental simplicity admired by lovers of modernist abstraction.”
© David S. Shields

Ira D. Schwarz
Time Period: 1910-1940
Location: Brooklyn, NY
“Began as a pictorialist art photographer, showing prints in the 1912 meeting of the American Photographer’s Association in NY. Fascinated with shade and known for the plummy blacks in his prints. Broke into the magazine market in 1924. Attempted to compete with Tommy Vandamm as a production photographer of the stage and enjoyed some success in the 1930s shooting a number of serious, psycholgoical dramas. Did portrait work as well. Was considered a photographic psychologist by his colleagues, intent on capturing the mentality of his sitter.”
© David S. Shields

Nino (Nunzio ?) Vayana
Time Period: 1910 (?)
Location: New York

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