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New York: George DeBarron (upd. 12-09)    Dec 9, '09 10:41 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #201

George DeBarron

“George DeBarron specialized in glamorous Showgirl portraits and theatrical scene photography. He was an expert at 'Drape Shots' in which girls wore drapes instead of clothes. He did a great amount of portfolio work for aspiring actresses and B level stars. He favored light backgrounds and managed to place images with newspapers regularly. Less daring than De Mirjian, less elegant than Alfred Cheney Johnston, more classy than burlesque specialist Strand Studio, Debarren embodied the norm of beauty portraiture in New York during the late 1920s and early 1930s. He would manipulate the negative to pretty up a picture, yet his taste for simplicity led him to eliminate details in pictures rather than add objects to supply visual interest.”
© David S. Shields

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