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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Feb 1, '10
    Thanks so much, Woody :smile: Have never seen so many of these. Thanks for the Albert Arthur Allen note too, John.

Boston: Aurora Studios  1-26-10    Jan 27, '10 3:35 PM
by woody for group historicalziegfeld #212

I combined what Vlad and Johnny had posted with what I had. I believe the numbering is correct but it was difficult to make out what some were. There are also some oddities in the numbering. There are two #628, one from 1914 and one from 1915. There are also two 361 with one having the extension A on the picture. The other duplicates were left in because I thought the picture qualities warranted it or because the numbering wasn't able to be read on the better photo. I have no idea why the highest number on the card is in 71211. I don't believe they published that many photos. Maybe one of you know.

I checked the ones I markes as unknown but with this many similar photos I could have missed some.


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