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  • wafer - 1Reply
    captivating historical photos
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    studiolymar wrote on Mar 3, '10
    Thanks for sharing

    francisfoyle wrote on Mar 7, '10
    stunning work!

    profdash wrote on Mar 7, '10
    Where do you think the exterior seaside items were shot? Brittany?

    woody2662 wrote on Mar 7, '10
    Glad you all like it. Dash, I have no idea where most of these photos were taken. I have only been able to find limited information on Richards.


Jules Richard - Exterior  Mar 2, '10 6:57 PM
by woody for group historicalziegfeld #237

Jules Richard exterior views. The first 4 are exterior shots with the outside of the atrium in view. The model Fernande is in photos 15 - 25. I think she is the model that is sitting in photo 30. I am not quite certain about the last two photos except that they seem to match other ones that are in this folder.


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