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A.A.B. CO. NY June 3rd, 2010    Jun 3, '10 9:34 AM
by woody for group historicalziegfeld #425

The photos look to be from the Teens or Twenties. Sorry but I don't have any information. So if any of you can add something that would be appreciated.


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  • WIK8 - 1Reply
    Hi Woody,

    I came across your collection in an online search, I have several of the other pieces in these series. I have AAB Pieces that match your collections #s 1, 12, 19 & one without a number but they match your AAB024 as far a the models and scenery and I have 53. I also have 141 & 145. I inherited my collection along with a series of newspaper clippings about a man named Fay D Pickens, he was arrested for distributing "Art" operating under the American Art Company. The articles go on to detail his death after a neighborhood fight. The collection also includes a photo of his office and the walls are covered in framed nudes. The newspaper articles have dates on them from 1931. I have a total of 11 photos but I am not sure if they are photos or card stock. I would love to share the photos but I am also interested in selling my collection. Any advice on how to price this or where to find prospective buyers?
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ woody : Thanks, Woody! Yes, Vlad or John and possibly Sarahjane would know.

    So great to see you again. Hope you've been well. If you still have all the wonderful early movie posters you collected, if you find time eventually and could post them in an album in the Movies section that would be great. Still have mine too so can add to that.

    I'll be moving the albums of postcards you'd posted too. Wonder where johnny went to? He was super at sorting all those out on Multiply but haven't seen him in ages and ages.

    Thanks again, Woody. Oh changed you to Admin. Best, jane
  • woody - 1Reply
    My best guess is they are by various photographers and published by the AAB company. If anyone knows it would be Vlad.
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    kittyinva wrote on Jun 3, '10
    I certainly think you are right about the dates - teens to early twenties - from the hair. I hope one of our photography experts will have more information for you. Thanks for sharing! Kathie

    obb1esso wrote on Jun 4, '10
    Woody, it is hard to fix a date range on the nudes. In the first thirteen pictures the ladies have very long hair, more in style with pre WWI or just after. The hair styles in the early twenties and later tended two short hair, above the shoulders.
    Just a guess, OB
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