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ALO Studios: Albert Arthur Allen Nudes & the Copyright Office    Nov 13, '10 11:55 AM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #483

Vlad has republished in this venue the work of A. A. Allen of California, the greatest West Coast photographer of open air nudes. It has always been a matter of interest to me to what extent the photographers and publishers who specialized in this risque category of visual material sought copyright protection by registering images with the Library of Congress. In the 19th century Napoleon Sarony, who pioneered copyright protection for photographs, did not deposit copies of his nude images, although the pictures in his magazine of the mid-1890s, SARONY'S LIVING PICTURES, did seek protection.

I have located 4 of the ALO Studios photographs in the deposit library in Washington, D.C.--these are all of the model 'Janet' but are designated a suite of photographs--'the Grotto Series'. I believe Allen's care in protecting these images expresses a sense that he considered these the pinnacle of his art. David Shields


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