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    dcamargo28 wrote on May 26, '10

    studiolymar wrote on Jun 2, '10
    Fine art portraits, thank you for sharing
    Greets from Belgium

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Edwin Bower Hesser

Time Period: 1913-1947
Location: 34 West 58th Street, Lab at 146 West 56th St. NYC

"A versatile artist whose plein air nudes of Showgirls in natural light became the academic standard for art photographers in the 1920s and whose portraits of movie actresses and stage stars were greatly influential images of glamour from 1925 to 1930. He was one of the few portraitist who regularly depicted sitters head on. His penchant for back-lighting so that hair seem lined with light, gave certain of his 1920s sitters a halo or aura."
(c) David S. Shields


ohikkoshi wrote on Jun 2, '10

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Alice Calhoun_Hesser_01.jpg
Alice Calhoun_Hesser_Garden of Girls, November 1925.JPG
Ann Pennington_Hesser_Garden of Girls, November 1925.JPG

Yvonne Grey_Hesser_Garden of Girls, November 1925.JPG

Alice Calhoun_Hesser maybe_02.jpg = Alice Calhoun_Hesser_01.jpg
Bernice Hough maybe_Hesser_01.jpg = Marjorie Leet_Hesser_02.jpg
Bernice Hough maybe_Hesser_02.jpg = Marjorie Leet_Hesser_03.jpg
Bernice Hough maybe_Hesser_03.jpg = Marjorie Leet_Hesser_04.jpg
Bernice Hough maybe_Hesser_04.jpg = Marjorie Leet_Hesser_05.jpg
Bernice Hough maybe_Hesser_05.jpg = Marjorie Leet_Hesser_06.jpg
Bernice Hough maybe_Hesser_06.jpg = Marjorie Leet_Hesser_07.jpg
Bernice Hough maybe_Hesser_07.jpg = Marjorie Leet_Hesser_08.jpg
Blanche Sweet_Hesser_03_profdash.JPG = Kathryn Ray_Hesser_01_profdash.JPG
Unknown_Hesser_profdash_03.JPG = Mabelle Swor_Hesser_profdash_03.JPG
Unknown_Day Dreams_Hesser_Screen Art Studies, April.jpg = Bessie Love maybe_Day Dreams_Hesser_Screen Art Studies, April.jpg


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