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Benjamin R. Strauss
Homer Peyton

Time Period: 1910s-1928
Location: Kansas City, NYC

elsewhere... profdash wrote on Jun 28, '09
Homer Peyton, the fine artist in the Kansas City partnership, Strauss-Peyton, began painting the backgrounds onto [S-P] negatives in 1913 making the studio's work the most markedly distinctive of any in the United States. They remained at the forefront of performing arts photography until 1929. Their major Kansas City rivals--Orval Hixon and Bert Studio--shared a penchant for visual novelty. Located at the juncture of two theatrical touring circuits, Kansas was a major photographic center, ranking just behind Chicago.

profdash wrote on Jun 30, '09
Homer Peyton had a thing about Blanche Ring, dating her off and on for several years.

See: Kansas City: Strauss-Peyton, Hixon-Connelly _vlad for additional pics.


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