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Witzel Studios

Albert Walter Witzel
Witzel Studios
Witzel, LA & Witzel, Hollywood

Location: 811 S. Hill Road, Los Angeles, & 536 S. Broadway
Time Period: 1902 - 1927
Associations: George Stekel, Henry Nealson Smith, W.F. Seely, Autrey, and Cannons maybe?

Walter Frederick Seely (1916-1920)
Time Period: 1910s-1930s (?)
Location: Los Angeles

Max Munn Autrey (c1920-1924)
Time Period: 1920s-1950s (?)
Location: Los Angeles

George Cannons maybe?
Ref comment: Madeline Hurlock_Witzel.jpg
profdash wrote on Jun 22, '10
This looks like the work of George Cannons--I wonder if he worked for Witzel during the period of Albert's illness in the mid-20s after Autrey left.


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