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San Francisco: Alta Studios    Jun 21, '10 5:57 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #447

Alta Studios
Alexander J. Stark (Xan Stark)
Time Period: 1910s - 1920s (?)
Location: San Francisco

"Alta Studios was active in San Francisco at the same time as Albert Arthur Allen. In her book about Allen, "Premiere Nudes", Daile Kaplan writes: "Alta produced a small collection of accomplished photographs of the female form in 1922 -23. Photographed by Xan Stark, Alta's Pictorialist prints idealized the nude. Although the pictures' style resembles Allen's and may have been inspired by him., the settings were predominantly studio oriented (a motif Allen later explored) and occasionally featured specially constructed architectural back-grounds... In many instances the model is identified. A favorite subject was Olive Ann Alcorn, whose Pre-Raphaelite visage and striking body was often lit to dramatic effect. Alta knowingly appealed to non-professionals' prurient interest, offering its selection of prints to "dilettantes" in addition to lovers of art. A short-lived venture, it ceased operation about 1923."

Alta Art Studies
San Francisco, Alta Art Studios, 1922. First Edition.
"Alexander J. Stark's nude black & white photographs of a group of Hollywood starlets, several of whom became major film stars in the 'Roaring Twenties. These thematically posed photos were intended to offer guidance for composition and lighting to artists and students of art.

The frontispiece photo, 'Ouverture, 'The Water Carrier, and 'Sorrow are of the lovely Laura La Plante, 'Wildwood, 'Dawn in Eden, and 'The Frog are of Seena Owen, and 'Terror, 'The Cameo, 'Meditation, 'Admiration, 'Arabesque, 'Supplication, 'The Captive, 'Arabian Night, 'Forsaken, 'Vision, 'Reflection, and 'Modesty are of Olive Ann Alcorn."

Alexander J. Stark (Xan Stark)
"The photographer Alexander J. Stark published thousands of real photo postcards of the California coast and the San Francisco Bay area. He is also known to have produced photo cards of Nevada, Utah, and Oregon as well. Some of his images were printed as linens by Colorpicture."

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