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    Just amazing! Thanks. Loved the Mabel Normand ones.

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    dcamargo- so you're already a published author! That Louise Brooks play should be a real success! Kathie

    You're welcome.

NY: Adolph de Meyer    Jun 18, '10 3:04 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #446

Adolph de Meyer
Time Period: 1913-1922
Location: 80 West 40th Street, Manhattan

“In the 1890s De Meyer absorbed the pictorialist aesthetics of the international art photography movement, exhibited portraits, and was invited to join the international association of art photographers, 'The Linked Ring.' Gravures of his photography appeared in CAMERA WORK. His encounter with the Ballet Russe, with its exoticism, integral conception of aesthetic effect, and its experimentalism jolted De Meyer from his prettiness. His portraits of dancer Vaslav Nijinsky began to explore the beautiful in terms of the uncanny, rather than the indistinct, the usual mode of pictorialist abstraction.

At VOGUE and VANITY FAIR De Meyer seized the opportunity given him, filling the pages with images remarkable for their design, lighting (he was the first to under-spot faces in conjunction with backlighting), and detail. The photographs dramatized poise, and were remarkable for their stillness and composure. De Meyer concurrently undertook careers in the fields of clothing design and interior decoration, so that certain of his pictures were suites in which his creative intelligence was reflected in every feature. One element of his photographic arts was the projection of domestic interiors as utopias of taste. Often furniture has as much artistic meaning in a De Meyer scene as a sitter.”
© David S. Shields

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