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Photos of erotically charged medical/surgical tableaus. If you might find the subject DISTURBING don't view the album.



The "Autopsy" photo by Fitz William Guerin was posted by David in this album: http://historicalzg.piwigo.com/index?/category/287

After seeing it today I commented:

This is quite odd. David, any idea why Guerin would take a "medical" photo and whether it was staged or not? I'm wondering if Guerin did more of these and whether or not they were an influence for Lejaren A. Hiller Sr.'s erotically charged "Surgery Through The Ages" tableaus.

Will create album with Hiller's photos also for this question and put it under Photographer Questions.


from Wikipedia:

"From 1927-50 Hiller was commissioned by Davis & Geck to produce the prints for a series of historic advertisements entitled “Sutures in Ancient Surgery,” and published in 1944 as “Surgery through the Ages”. Hiller used elaborate costumes, dramatic backdrops and lighting, and had half-clad models posing as patients. The images depicted a broad range from mediaeval and Aztec surgeons, to surgeons from ancient Egypt and India. The collection was widely acclaimed, and in 1937 won the Edward Bok Award for advertising. The originals of this series were donated to the Art Institute of Chicago."

I suppose the question could be extended to contemporary photographer Joel Peter-Witkin as well.




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