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  • Profdash - 1Reply
    Persons interested in Leonetti and his work might visit my transcription of a portion of his memoirs in the Features section of my Broadway Photographs Website: http://broadway.cas.sc.edu/content/leonetti-memoirs-1910s-1920s
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ Vlad : Thanks so much for clarifying, Vlad. And for the new album too. jane
  • Vlad - 1Reply
    Frances Norton by Leonetti.
    Art Group Quarterly.

New question but lost in my reposting of old comments. Asked by Paul in Carlo Leonetti & the Vanities_david for these two pics.

Pic 1:

historicalzg - Monday 11 March 2013 23:36
Dunno, vlad says Frances Norton. Hopefully he'll come by and clarify?

salgava - Monday 11 March 2013 22:26
Surely this is the same person as in the previous pic. Are they not Kathleen Burke? There is a resemblance.

ohikkoshi wrote on Apr 16, '10
Frances Norton.

Pic 2:

ohikkoshi wrote on Apr 16, '10
Frances Norton.
[NOTE: Ref'd pics no longer available on imagevenue. jane]

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