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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    profdash wrote on Nov 26, '10
    Billy: I particularly like the NYPL images with dark backgrounds.

    bidzibidzi wrote on Nov 25, '10
    some more of his work can be found at NYPL archives

© David S. Shields

Photographer: Jacob Schloss    Nov 25, '10 4:15 AM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #495

Jacob Schloss (1856-1938) A New York City native, Jacob Schloss was educated at the Cooper Union as an etcher. He concurrently apprenticed to photographer Benjamin J. Falk, working in Falk’s sudio in the mid 1870s. When he went independent, he followed his mentor in pursuing theatrical photography as a métier.

A specialist in diffused and shadowed natural lighting, he was an early advocate of Agfa glossy papers. Throughout the 1880s and 1890s he kept abreast of technological and aesthetic developments in photography, mastering the platinum print, which he used in his side lined society portraits, and, in 1903, electric lighting. His performing arts portraiture tended to costume shots in front of generic studio furnishings.

Though he generated mass printings of cabinet cards of theatrical celebrities, like other specialists in performing arts photography, he was among the first to realize that magazine images would be the future of the business, and began generating 5x7 and 8x10 glossy paper prints for reproduction in the mid-1890s. He was the staff photographer for the pioneering photographic periodical, Broadway Magazine.

After 1900 he became greatly absorbed in work on behalf of the national associations for professional photographers. He continued to place work in newspapers and periodicals until the 1910s. David S. Shields

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