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Achille Volpe, NY... and Barbara Stanwyck    Dec 4, '11 12:56 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #613

Achille Volpe
Time Period: ~ 1920-40 (?)
Location: 1680 Broadway, N.Y / Grace Salon of Art, Inc.
Assistant of Edwin T. Townsend.

“He is know primarily for his dramatic lighting effects in portraiture and figure studies.
...using classical greek and egyptian poses for his models.”

Barbara Stanwyck / Ruby Catherine Stevens
(b. Jul 16, 1907 Brooklyn, NY, USA - d. Jan 20, 1990 Santa Monica, CA, USA) Female

“Barbara Stanwyck was born Ruby Catherine Stevens in Brooklyn, New York on July 16, 1907. In 1923, a few months short of her 16th birthday, Ruby auditioned for a place in the chorus at the Strand Roof, a night club over the Strand Theatre in Times Square.A few months later she obtained a job as a dancer in the 1922 and 1923 seasons of the Ziegfeld Follies. For the next several years, she worked as a chorus girl, performing from midnight to seven a.m. at nightclubs owned by Texas Guinan.”
© http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Stanwyck

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