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Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land by Flo Ziegfeld 1921 (profdash)    Jan 27, '09 5:16 PM

David describes this fantastic series of articles written by Florenz Ziegfeld in 1921 as follows: "This series prepared for the Atlanta Constitution in 1921 is the most extraordinary and thorough meditation by Ziegfeld on showgirls and their work in his productions."

And extraordinary it is! A "Must Read!" for anyone interested in Ziegfeld and the Ziegfeld Girls and the concept of beauty. So many names given, so many photos, so much fabulous information! I will be studying this for a long time.

Many thanks for sharing such an incredible piece of Ziegfeld history!

Ziegfeld Girls mentioned in this series:

Addie Rolf, Annette Bade, Barbara Dean, Beatrice Milner, Bernice Ware, Bessie McCoy, Betty Williams, Billie Dove, Carroll McComas, Clara Taylor, Collette Ryan, Dorothy Mackaill, Diana Allen, Edith Kelly, Edna May, Elsie Ferguson, Emily Drange, Eva Brady, Frances Rockerfeller King, Gertrude Hoffman, Gladys Bowie, Gladys Loftus, Hazel Dawn, Helen Lee Worthing, Ina Claire, Irene Castle, Irene Marcellus, Janet McGrew, Joan Sawyer, Julia Sanderson, Justine Johnstone, Katherine Rasche, Kathryn Perry, Kay Laurell, Leonore Ulrich, Lillian Russell, Lillian Walker, Lillian Woods, Louise Alexander, Madeline Fairbanks, Mae Murray, Margaret Thwing, Marguerite Clark, Marie Dressler, Marion Davies, Marion Fairbanks, Martha Mansfield, Mary Hay, Mary Leslie, May Leslie, Olive Thomas, Pearl Eaton, Perle Germond, Rita Otis, Rose Dolores, Rubye De Remer, and Vangie Valentine.

And the original six in the Floradora Girls : Agnes Wayburn, Daisy Green, Margaret Walker, Marjorie Relyea, Mary Wilson, and Vaughn Texsmith.

The articles in the series are as follows:

Atlanta Constitution: July 24, 1921 Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: What I Have Learned from Twenty-Five Years Experience in the Most Fascinating Profession in the World. Forward. Chapter 1 Where Do the Chorus Beauties Come From? [Sidebar: Table of state breakdowns of a typical chorus. 5 illustrations]

Atlanta Constitution: July 31, 1921 Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: The Inside Story of the Beauties of the American Stage. [On picking the Super-Beauty Chorus. 4 illustrations & sidebar with Flo Ziegfeld's 9 criteria for choosing a chorus beauty.]

Atlanta Constitution: July 31, 1921 Article II Selecting the Super Beauty Chorus [Sidebar: dimension of chorus girls. No illustration. Page D2.]

Atlanta Constitution: Aug. 7, 1921: Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: The Real Truth about the Beauties of the American Stage. Article III The Beauty's Hard Work of Keeping Beautiful. [Sidebar: 10 rules about keeping beauty. 3 illustrations.]

Atlanta Constitution: Aug. 14, 1921 Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: How the Stage Beauty Fascinates the Tired Business Man. Article IV The Lure of the Stageland Beauty. [Personality, issue of nudity. 1 illustration.]

August Constitution: Aug. 14, 1921 [Supplementary article] Florenz Ziegfeld on Modesty in Dress. [4 paragraphs. I illustration]

Atlanta Constitution: Aug. 21, 1921 Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: Beauties leap to International Fame almost Overnight. Article V From Chorus Beauty to Star. [Stories of several Ziegfeld discoveries who achieved stardom. 4 illustrations.]

Atlanta Constitution: Aug. 21, 1921 Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: The Passing of the Stage Door Johnny. Article VI The Passing of the Stage Door Johnny. [Three Illustrations.]

Atlanta Constitution: Sept. 4, 1921: Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: How Beauty Dictates Fashions from the Stage. Article VII How Beauty Sets the Styles [Chorus girls do the innovation. 3 illustrations.]

Atlanta Constitution: Sept. 11, 1921: Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: American Beauty has not Declined. Article VIII Has American Beauty Declined? [six illustrations]

Atlanta Constitution: Sept. 18, 1921: Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: Art the Chorus Beauty Has Inspired. Article IX The Chorus Beauty in Art. [5 illustrations: 3 drawings, 2 photographs]

Atlanta Constitution: Sept. 25, 1921: Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land: Where Chorus Beauties Go. Article X Where do the Chorus Beauties Go? [Sidebar: Statistics of Beauty Chorus Graduates. 4 illustrations.]

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