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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    profdash wrote on Jan 11, '11
    1916 was the year of Venus. Here is a paragraph from my book on Photography & silent cinema taken from the chapter on cinema nudity. This comes as a contextualization of the "Diving Venus" Annette Kellerman's nude features of the mid-1910s.

    From winter 1915 through 1916 the public was preoccupied with physical perfection. Newspapers featured stories on a dozen women who approximated the Venus di Milo’s ideal of 5’ 4.9” height, 12.5” neck, 33” chest, 37” bust, 26” waist, 38” hips, 22.5” thigh, and 13.2” calf. Mona Marr of Los Angeles, Doris Litman of Atlanta, Irene Kelynack of New York, and seven Venuses from the seven sisters colleges of whom Margaret Willetts of Swarthmore “a good gymnast, plays golf, basketball, hockey, tennis, swims and is considered the beauty of Swarthmore” was generally deemed the Venus-most, differing only a tenth of an inch in height from the antique ideal and manifesting exactly every other measurement. Both the art world and the physical culture world fueled the quest for perfection. In 1915 John D. Rockefeller had purchased the sculpture known as “The chocolate Venus,” a purported creation of Praxitiles that gained its dusky yellowish hue from being “burnt in the middle ages as a witch.” It would eventually be outed as a fraud. In the same year Dr. J. H. Kellogg of Battle Creek Michigan announced at the 2nd Conference on Race Betterment that a “eugenic registry” and restricted marriage laws would insure the rise of a new aristocracy “of Apollos and Venuses.” © David S. Shields

    PS I wrote a portion of the Hesser collection description for UCLA.

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Jan 14, '11
    Thanks for the album and education :smile:

    So nice of you to post a paragraph from your book, David! Thanks appreciate it very much. Any closer to publication?

EBHesser, Betty Lee and The Triumph of Venus (1918)     Jan 9, '11 5:24 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #519

EBHesser, Betty Lee and The Triumph of Venus (1918)

“In 1917, Hesser wrote the story for a theatrical film entitled For the Freedom of the World and wrote, produced, and directed The Triumph of Venus that same year.”
© http://www.oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt6779q37h/

The Triumph of Venus (1918)

Betty Lee

“Grandniece of General Robert E. Lee, cousin of Patrick Henry... whose name was previously Mrs. Katherine C. Welch...”

New York Broker, Who Gave $4,500,000 and $100,000 a Year to Divorced Wife, Weds.”

“During World War I, Mrs. Kendall opened Sonogee as a hospital for recovering soldiers . One of these soldiers was Major Matthew Roberts, an American serving with the British Royal Flying Corps, and by 1918, the New York Times was reporting the Kendall's divorce, with Mr. Kendall (prominent stockbroker Lyman Kendall ) marrying singer/actress Betty Lee, and Mrs. Kendall marrying the Major. In the divorce settlement, which the Times called one of the largest ever at the time, Mrs. Kendall received the couple's Park Avenue apartment, an annuity of $100,000 (a lavish income in an era when a servant's wages were $5-$10 a week), $1,000,000 in cash, and Sonogee, valued by the Times at $2,000,000, including furnishings (unlikely).”
© http://thedowneastdilettante.blogspot.com/2010/02/italian-villas-on-maine-coast-glamorous.html

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