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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    obb1esso wrote on Dec 3, '09
    David, looks like you have the Moire effects under control, well done.

    francisfoyle wrote on Dec 3, '09
    I had a little chuckle myself about the moire...I deal with it daily in my line of work...fantastic work you are ....makes me want to invent a time machine...cheers FF

THEATRE MAGAZINE Vol 41 Jan-June 1925    Dec 3, '09 1:09 PM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #189

[This is a rescan & expansion of the now deleted file for 1925]

May 1925 marked the 25th anniversary of Theatre Magazine, the foremost chronicle of the American stage during the first quarter of the 20th century. Arthur Hornblow, the magazine's editor, marked the occasion by devoting the May issue to a summation of the recent history of the stage. As part of the celebration, he recognized the photographers who made the pages of Theatre among the most diverting on the newsstand.

The two largest portraits were those of Maurice Goldberg and Nickolas Muray, the former of whom had become in 1924 the staff photographer, and Muray the first-choice job photographer in New York City. Alfred Cheney Johnston, because of his affiliation with Florenz Ziegfeld, whom Hornblow did not hold in good favor at this time, is relegated to the sidelines, appearing mainly in advertising images, not portraits. 1925 was the final year in which the talented Francis Bruigiere, photographer for the Theatre Guild, was fully focused on performing arts photography. He would shortly become absorbed in experimentation and the repesentation of abstract contours. Florence Vandamm, who appeared only incidentally in Volume 41, would soon take his place. Goldberg's penchant for dance found expression in nearly every issue.

I have listed names of the productions in which pictured performers appeared, if provided by the magazine. David S. Shields

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