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THEATRE MAGAZINE Vol 42 (Jul-Dec 1925) Profdash    Dec 12, '09 7:12 AM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #202

In this volume Arthur Hornblow pays unprecedented attention to black performers on Broadway, Russian dance and theatrical troupes, and initiates a series of profiles of major producers.

Dr. Arnold Genthe, perhaps the most revered photographic specialist in performing arts photography, contributes a number of portraits, the most famous of which appeared in December 1925. Greta Garbo, fresh off the boat, appears on p. 30. On the page opposite, Maurice Goldberg supplied a full page image of the woman whom Garbo in the coming year would supplant as the biggest star in Hollywood, Gloria Swanson.

Hornblow's fascination with the hazy, soft-focus photos of Ben M. Rabinovitch faded, while his interest in the work of Florence Vandamm increased. Volume 42 also contains the finest of Carlo Leonetti's full page portraits. Dorothy Wilding provided some images from the London scene, as did James Abbe from Paris. Charles Albin supplied one memorable scene from Hollywood, while Hornblow continued to feature work from William Mortensen's project portraying major film stars in masquerade roles. David S. Shields

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