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THEATRE MAGAZINE Vol 44 (July-December 1926) Profdash    Dec 9, '09 9:49 AM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #198

In the latter half of 1926 Arthur Hornblow, editor of Theatre Magazine, began to reknit relations with Florenz Ziegfeld after a four year feud. The intermediary in this reconciliation was Tommy Vandamm, who shot production photos for Vandamm Studio. Beginning with Ziegfeld's "No Foolin'", Theatre began allocating pages and images to Ziegfeld's shows again in number. In December the man himself was featured in a profile in Theatre's Broadway Producers series.

Alfred Cheney Johnston in 1926 was earning almost twice as much for commercial shoots (clothing for Bergdorf Goodman, furs for three different furriers, silk undergarments, and mensware) as for his magazine work, so he devoted increasing amounts of time to the more lucrative end of his business. Nickolas Muray also began turning toward commercial work. To fill their places, Hornblow recruited Nicholas Haz and Irving Chidnoff as photographers. Chidnoff did much of the fashion work for Theatre in 1926. Maurice Goldberg continued to appear, but increasing only for dance images.

The latter half of 1926 saw an expanded coverage of motion pictures and their stars. Charles Albin, the old Broadway painter and portraitist who had located to the West Coast, was commissioned to shoot several artistic portraits of film performers. Florence Vandamm remained the staff portraitist charged with supplying star images of Broadway performers. The coverage of the New York opera & classical music scene ceased this year, and the reportage on vaudeville was supplanted somewhat by pictures of dancers and comedians working the New York supper clubs and lounges. David S. Shields

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