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THEATRE MAGAZINE Vol 46 (Jul-Dec 1927) Profdash    Dec 15, '09 9:54 AM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #204

In 1927 Arthur Hornblow, long-time editor of the magazine, was replaced by Perriton Maxwell, who immediately instituted a number of changes in the contents and concerns of THEATRE. Maxwell was fascinated with film, and by the October 1927 issue had recalibrated the make up of the magazine from 80% theatre & 20% motion pictures to 50 % plays and 50 % movie releases. As a result the top tier Hollywood portrait photographers--Ruth Harriet Louise, Donald Biddle Keyes, Harold Dean Carsey, and William Mortensen--appeared regularly with the major Broadway photographers.

Maxwell restored Alfred Cheney Johnston to the rotation of first-call photographers. He kept no staff camera man. Nicholas Haz, Nickolas Muray, Maurice Goldberg, Irving Chidnoff, and Florence Vandamm joined Alfred Cheney Johnston (as both ACJ and Don Diego) as figures who received full page treatments for their photographs. Perhaps the major talents to appear this year were Hal Phyfe, who had already established himself as a cover artist, and Ben Pinchot, who would become a major force in the 1930s.

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