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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    obb1esso wrote on Jan 24, '10
    David, enjoyed the pictures and your scanning technique is excellent.

THEATRE MAGAZINE VOL 47 (Jan-Jun 1928) Profdash    Jan 23, '10 2:25 PM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #209

In 1928 photographic coverage of performing artists continued to skew toward film stars, with Harold Dean Carsey and Ruth Harriet Louise serving as the primary portraitists. Louise was a known entity in New York, having served an apprenticeship under Nickolas Muray. Carsey has spent periods of time in New York in connection with motion picture still work. Of the corps of Broadway portraitists, Ben Pinchot rose to the position of editor's favorite with Hal Phyfe running second.

Alfred Cheney Johnston reemerged as a major presence in the magazine, both for his Van Raalte silk ads and his personality portraits. This volume includes the single oddest image ACJ ever published, a shot of a young couple wearing Benda masks. Vandamm studio remained the default photographer for stage production stills, and Goldberg remained the major photo-chronicler of dance.

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