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Betty Marr: NEA 2011 March, Lot 360

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    Comments from HZG Multipy, Sept 25, 2011:

    ohikkoshi wrote on Sep 25:

    "Betty Marr and Frances Joyce (who is still modeling) were the ideal magazine cover girls of their time, and Betty Wyman, a fashion model, was..."

    "Betty Marr has been a popular model for ten years, since she was a kid. So has June Cox, who has posed since she was six. She is now seventeen. The time spent in the business by men is less than that spent by women."
    Collier's, 1935

    "one of the early famous Powers models was Betty Marr, who managed to stay in the public eye for twelve years... On page 53 we show you Betty Marr at the height of her modeling career, when all the manufacturers in the city..."
    Town & Country, 1939
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