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Memories, 1921 by Hassard Short    May 6, '10 1:10 AM
by Vlad for  group historicalziegfeld #371

and conceived and produced by Hassard Short at the Actors' Equity Association Annual Show at the Metropolitan.
The famous actresses playing the feminine roles in this wondrous spectacle are from left to right:
Madge Lessing as Rosalind, Alma Rubens as Cordelia, Lillian Albertson as Beatrice, Helen Ware as Lady Macbeth, Marion Davies as Mistress Page, Norma Talmadge as Mistress Ford, Doris Keane as Portia, Elsie Ferguson as Titania, Lillian Russell as Queen Cafherine, Ethel Barrymore as Spirit of Equity, Margalo Gillmore as Juliet, Laurette Taylor as Ophelia, Jane Cowl as Katherine, Florence Reed as Cleopatra, Nance O'Neil as Memory, Chrystal Herne as Viola, Martha Hedman as Desdemona, Elsie Mackaye as Hermione and Genevieve Tobin as Ariel.

Hassard Short's magnificent pageant at the recent Actors’ Equity Show at the Metropolitan.
From left to right:
Reginald Denny as Oberon, John Cope as King Lear, Tyrone Power as Macbeth, Conway Tearle as Orlando, Edmund Lowe as Antony, Wilton Lackaye as Henry VIII, George Arlis as Shylock, Lionel Atwill as Hamlet, John Drew as Petruchio, John Barrymore as Romeo, Frank Bacon as Prospero, Maclyn Arbuckle as Falstaff, Robert Warwick as Othello, Norman Trevor as Benedict, Arthur Byron as Iachamo, Bruce McRae as Leontes and Sam Hardy as Malvolio.

Hubert Edward Hassard Short
“He has been described by theatre historian Ken Bloom as "one of Broadway's greatest directors and lighting designers"”


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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    kittyinva wrote on May 6, '10
    Thanks for sharing these. I don't believe I have heard of the Equity Annaul Show, so this is quite interesting. And they certainly got the cream of the crop of actors, didn't they? Kathie

    gumlegs wrote on May 6, '10, edited on May 6, '10
    If "Juliet" is the actress I believe she is, she's Margalo Gillmore (not "Margola"). Gillmore was one of a very few actresses welcomed at the Algonquin Round Table -- the others being Ruth Gordon, Helen Hayes, and Tallulah Bankhead.

    ohikkoshi wrote on May 7, '10
    "she's Margalo Gillmore (not "Margola")"

    kittyinva wrote on May 7, '10
    Yes, Margalo, and to people of a certain age - like me - who grew up watching the annual TV showing of Mary Martin's Peter Pan, she is Mrs. Darling. Of course she was way too old to be Mrs. Darling by then, but she was a big B'way star, so there you go! Kathie

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on May 7, '10
    Wow... something I'd forgotten all about :smile: How could I ever forget the yearly broadcast of Peter Pan? I haven't thought about Mary Martin in ages!

    Recently saw what I think may have been the playbill for this show on evilbay. Nice double center page of the costume sketches. The program was being sold as one for the Ziegfeld Follies and the Greenwich Village Follies (1920-1921). The seller was helpful but ... had no idea what s/he was looking at.
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