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The Lamb's Gambol Drag Chorus 1909    Jan 14, '11 5:20 PM
by David for group historicalziegfeld #522

The Lamb's Club, an association of celebrities of the musical, literary, artistic, and dramatic worlds first convened in 1875 in New York City. Among the most beloved of associations by its members, it paid for the upkeep of its plush clubhouse in Manhattan by a theatrical event that toured every spring, the Gambol. The Gambol featured famous figures reincarnating important moments of the past theatrical year.

The 1909 Gambol was renown for its extraordinary drag chorus. White's production stills were shot at the Metropolitan Opera House, the NY venue for the 1909 edition. An amusement for cultural savants is picking out the famous people in the cast. Victor Herbert? Irving Berlin in drag? Anything was possible any year with the Lamb's. David Shields


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