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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    obb1esso wrote on Jun 16, '10
    Vlad, thank you for the Raphael Kirchner albums, enjoyed looking at all the images you posted. Mr. Kirchner was painting pin-ups and cheesecake before the categories existed. Plus the ladies look realistic, not cartoonish or exaggerated. Good paintings. OB

    kittyinva wrote on Mar 7, '10
    Thanks so much for these. Really enjoyed my afternoon today thanks to this post! Kathie

    jsragman wrote on Mar 8, 10
    Yes thanks very much! Really enjoyed looking at these!

    gilesnemeton wrote on Mar 9, '10
    Thanks Vlad - these are truly wonderful to see.

Raphael Kirchner - Viennese, Parisienne, London, and New York Series    Mar 7, '12 11:50 AM
by Vlad for group historicalziegfeld #'s 438, 439, 630, 632



“…Raphael Kirchner was born in Vienna, Austria and along with Alphonse Mucha, was one of the most renowned Art Nouveau postcard artists of the Vienna Secessionist movement. The visionary artist later moved to France and worked as the cover artist for the wildly popular “La Vie Parisienne”. His radically risque portraits of sexually emancipated women were dubbed "Kirchner Girls..."

“…Kirchner moved to New York City in 1915, and was introduced to Florence Ziegfeld by Viennese architect Josef Urban, the man responsible for the ornate Follies sets and design. Ziegfeld, always an innovator, hired Kirchner as a staff artist.
This Raphael Kirchner pastel, part of a suite of five illustrations spotlighting the erotic and luminous showgirls of the Ziegfeld Follies, is a newly discovered piece of New York City theater history. This stunning portrait of Vivienne Segal hung in the lobby of the historic Century Theater until it shut its doors in 1936…” ©

Series marked with * are not represented in this collection.

A - Different publishers and various signatures
A.1 - Wiener Typen
A.2 - Auf Sommerfrische
A.3 - Happy New Year!

B - Publisher Back & Schmitt, Vienna
B.1 - Fleur de Chemin (Verlag Back & Schmitt Wien 6p 1899)
B.2 - Mythen + Legenden. Myths and legendes
B.3 - Aus Arkadien
B.4 - Um die Liebe
B.5 - Wiener Blut
B.6 - Radlerei
B.7 - A Quatre Feuilles
B.8 - Music postcards

C - Unsigned
C.1 - Coeur Dame
C.2 - Eisblumen

Viennese series

D - Signed Raphael Kirchner
D.1 - All Heil
D.2 - Au Serail
D.3 - Demi Vierge
D.4 - Enfants de la Mer
D.5 - Erika
D.6 - Fro"liche Ostern
D.7 - Fruits Douces
D.8 - Geisha
D.9 - Hinter den Coulissen
D.10 - La Favorite
D.11 - Les Cigarrettes du Monde
D.12 - Les Parfums
D.13 - Marionettes
D.14 - Mikado
D.15 - Moderne Ma"dchen
* D.16 - Re^veries
D.17 - Roma
D.18 - Santoy
D.19 - Vieux Temps
D.20 - Christmas pictures by BKW
D.21 - Christmas pictures by Stroefer
D.22 - Couples between red borders
* D.23 - Delighted girls
D.24 - Girls and eggs, yellow signature
D.25 - Girls between brown-green borders
* D.26 - Girls' faces in a square frame
D.27 - Girls' heads in a circle, on white background
D.28 - Girls with flowers at feet
D.29 - Greek girls
D.30 - Greek vergins
D.31 - Portraits of Viennese ladies
D.32 - Red and white figures and small shield

Parisienne series

E - Signed Raphael Kirchner - Paris
E.1 - Bijoux
E.2 - Fables
E.3 - Farfadets
E.4 - Flashing motorists
E.5 - Fleurs d'amour
E.6 - Le'gendes
E.7 - Les ephe'me`res
* E.8 - Osterautomobil
E.9 - Rauchende Damen
E.10 - Salome'
E.11 - Sylphide
E.12 - Vitraux d'Art
E.13 - Christmas pictures signed with Paris
E.14 - Die-cut hold-to-light postcards
E.15 - Girls and eggs, black signature, horizontal
E.16 - Girls and eggs, black signature, vertical
* E.17 - Girls and pig heads
E.18 - Girls' heads on Christmas-foliage background
* E.19 - Girls holding hares in arms
* E.20 - Girls in car on white background
* E.21 - Girls surrounded by little hearts, stars, bubbles
E.22 - Girls with good luck charms
E.23 - Portraits of girls with grey border
* E.24 - The Christmas girls
E.25 - Women dominating landscapes

F - Advertising and various
* F.1 - Auf zur Pariser Weltausstellung 1900
F.2 - Robert Schlesinger, Wien
* F.3 - Union Cartophile Universelle de la Revue Franc,aise de la Carte Postale Artistique
* F.4 - Gruss von der Hochzeit
F.5 - Les Gra^ces
F.6 - Sire`ne - Salon 1904
F.7 - Streeter
F.8 - Beilage des Sect
F.9 - Byrrh
* F.10 - SP.

Unsigned series

G - Unsigned, M.M.Vienne publisher
G.1 - Bronzes d'art
G.2 - Maid of Athens
G.3 - Figures on turquoise background
G.4 - Girls and eggs, unsigned
G.5 - Girls' faces in a circle on violet background
G.6 - Girls' faces with red border
G.7 - Girl with beige border
G.8 - Girls with olive-green surrounds
G.9 - Girls with purple surrounds
G.10 - Love thoughts

H - Unsigned, B. R. W. publisher
* H.1 - Girls' faces on a spider web
* H.2 - Girls' heads and shoulders on a green panel
H.3 - Girls posing with pigs
* H.4 - Girls and clouds
* H.5 - Girls surrounded with roses
* H.6 - Girls in frames with gilded clover leaves
* H.7 - Girls' faces with long eardrops

J - Unsigned, M. M. P. publisher
J.1 - Akropolis
J.2 - Ivoire sculpte'
J.3 - Small Greek heads
J.4 - Scenes of ancient Greece on ochre and black background

K - Unsigned, Various publishers
K.1 - Femmes Soleil
K.2 - Easter at the circus
K.3 - Girls amid plants
* K.4 - Girls and bronze male busts
K.5 - Girls with ancient musical instruments
* K.6 - Greetings in gold
* K.7 - Hovering girls
K.8 - Leda and the swan

L - Postcards signed other then Kirchner
Signed Nini Hager
L.1 - Girls with animals
Signed MRaschka
L.2 - La guerre amusante
* L.3 - Christmas pictures by Raschka

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