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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Jun 11, '10
    Thanks so much for adding them here, Woody! Love this set!!! Appreciate you taking the time to do so very much.

    gilesnemeton wrote on Jun 11, '10
    These are great Woody....thanks

    studiolymar wrote on Jun 10, '10
    Seen it before, but always welcome

Travers Les Coulisses    Jun 10, '10 7:59 PM
by woody for group historicalziegfeld #433

Someone was kind enough to translate the series to mean "In the wings" or "Behind the scenes". It is a series of French theatre postcards. I believe that the numbering really does start at 1001 as I have never found a lower numbered card. I would say at least part of the series dates from the mid teens (Mata Hari is supposed to be on on card 1072, died October 1917).

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