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Alberto Vargas  1896 – 1982

Esquire Military Varga Girls

From the beginning of 1942 until the end of WWII "Esquire" magazine printed a military version. The advertising was removed and distributed free to the military state side and overseas.  March 1944 "Esquire" added a new unpublished "Varga Girl" to the back cover, this continued until the war's ended and the military version was discontinued. An estimated 9 million copies of the Military Esquire were printed.

Note:  The images of the “Esquire Varga Girls” posted below are small likenesses of Alberto Vargas paintings.  They do not have the detail of the original paintings or the correct coloring. Having never seen a Vargas painting, an Esquire magazine “Varga Girl” or any of the poster reproductions there is no way to accurately represent Vargas work. The coloring is only a best guess and what looks good, if they closely match the original Vargas painting it’s dumb luck, nothing more. OB

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