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Photography Mystery: US Seizes 2,200 Pieces Of Artwork From Owner Philip Rivkin

Stunning story from Huffington Post, info posted by Otto. Thank you!

otto - Tuesday 16 April 2013 12:56

    In this history there are also more than 200 photographs ACJ (from nea?)
    the list of works can be useful to define some names and attributions




historicalzg - Wednesday 17 April 2013 15:55

    @ otto : This is stunning info, Otto, thank you! Wow, what a story. So the pdf lists all photos that were seized? If that's the case, it does look like the ACJ photos came from the ACJ Estate auctions (from subject of photos and names).

    These photos and lots are definitely from the first ACJ NEA auction. Looks like maybe the "Mysterious Man in Blue" who was buying up all the photos and lots was involved in this scheme (?) Would be super to find out and to find out what will be done with the seized items.

    Thanks, so interesting!



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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ eastend :Here I am, late and later as usual. Ah, The Man in a Suit with a Briefcase :smile: I sat through that entire auction online and could only imagine how those who had traveled there felt. Dreadful! Hopefully you did better on the following auctions. I haven't checked my other hard drive for my screen grabs of the outcome on the negatives, model book and address book. Was wondering, now that they're listed on ebay, if someone else managed to wind up with these items or if they might be part of the MMIB's seized cache. Anyone figure that out yet?

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience there :smile:

  • eastend - 1Reply
    I was at the Nest Egg auctions and I can confirm that the "man in blue" (I thought of him as the man in a suit with a briefcase) won a good many of these lots. It was a very frustrating day for me watching his relentless bidding. This is stunning news but it does explain a lot. It was clear that the man in blue was well capitalized and he just wasn't going to be outbid on anything he was interested in. He also only showed up to the first auction and I was pleasantly surprised when he wasn't there for the remaining auctions... the winning bids in those were more widespread. Sounds like the timing of the government investigation played a role in that.
  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ --otto : Yes, your hypothesis appears to be correct otto. Most or all of these items could not be from elsewhere and from looking over the auction results it would be the mysterious man in blue.

    The question ... not important :smile:
  • --otto - 1Reply
    My English is out.
    I do not understand the question.
    It seems to me that the list belongs to the sale nea and that the hypothesis of the mysterious man in Blue is appropriate

  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    Anyone following ACJs on ebay and other auctions lately? I've been out of the loop for at least 2 months. Wondering if anyone who had been selling ACJ estate photos has... suddenly disappeared from ebay. Has anyone noticed?

    Thanks, jane
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