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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ guest : So sweet, otto, thank you! And I'm the one who should be saying that in your direction :smile:

    Rumor regarding the sudden deluge of ACJ photos from his estate that were never seen or sold on Live Auctioneers by NEA and that are currently being sold on ebay by at least 3 sellers:

    I've heard from a very reliable source who said he was told in person by the NEA auctioneer that not all estate photos were sold on Live Auctioneer site auctions. Photos and other items were held back for sale at an undisclosed time and place and would be sold one by one.

    Perhaps this is the undisclosed time and ebay is the undisclosed place? Perhaps there will be other places?

    That is my rumor mongering for the day!

  • guest - 1Reply
    @ historicalzg :
    thanks Jane,for the kindness and care
  • historicalzg - 1Reply

    (moved for otto by jane)

ID correction in this album:

Bea Lee was Lita Grey maybe (see Otto's comments on pic)

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