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"Gina Malo commenced her stage career as one of the dancers in the famous Albertina Rasch ballet, but it was under her own name, Janet Flynn, that she left  America to appear in France in a musical show.  While still in France she was seen by an American producer, who persuaded her to return to America and appear in the well-known play 'Sons of Guns.' It was at the producer's suggestion that she changed her name to Gina Malo, and with a terrific publicity campaign backing  her, she arrived in her own country heralded as a famous French actress."


Gina Malo
Born: June 1, 1909
Cincinnati, Ohio
Died: November 30, 1963 (aged 54)
New York City, New York

Gina Malo (1909–1963) was an American film actress, born Janet Flynn in Cincinnati, Ohio. She appeared in a number of British films in the 1930s, often playing an American.

Though born in Cincinnati, as Janet Flynn, Gina Malo,[3] represented herself as a Parisian film actress when securing her first Broadway parts. After a stint with Ziegfeld as a showgirl, Malo's ambitions as a singer found vent when she secured the part of the prima dona in Sigmund Romberg's operetta 'The New Moon' (1928-1929). When a Paris production of Romberg's musical formed, she jumped at the chance to play the part again. A capable French speaker, she obtained another stage role in Paris singing in "Broadway."

She returned to New York as a replacement for Lily Damita in "Sons o’Guns". Rumors of her American nativity were not laid to rest by her speaking in a heavy French accent to interviewers, but her singing, markedly superior to Damita's, won praise in 1930. After Ruby Keeler Jolson bailed out of 'The Gang's all Here' during its Philadelphia try-out in 1931, Malo took over as the singing lead. Keeler may have intuited something, for the show was being hi-jacked by Ted Healey and his three stooges not a place for an ambitious leading lady to be. The musical died after 23 performances doomed by its 'spasmodic merriment.'



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