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  • historicalzg - 1Atsakyti
    I added a few things to this album. Please see the text in the album header for what and such :smile:

  • historicalzg - 1Atsakyti
    @ otto : Thanks, otto. Glad you're finding them useful and fun to look through. Are you able to download zip files of this album and others to use to create other albums or add to existing albums? The icon should be at the upper left of albums.

    I didn't notice that about the Barbara Lowe photo! I'll copy your astute comment to that pic.

  • otto - 1Atsakyti
    Thanks Jane
    Interestingly together of these images.
    From here you could start for a historical-critical essay on fashion photography ...
    Among them we glimpse a photo as likely ACJ
    "Barbara S Lowe former artists model seeks separation Arthur Loew 1936th"

    Thanks again, otto

Fashion Models, Asstd Fashion Photos for Names, Ref_jane 21 August 2013

Updated Aug 25, 2013:

Added crops with names for two pics: The Notions & Novelties Show at the Pennsylvania Hotel in NYC 1936 (Ruth Clark, Carol Arbus, Alice Lorraine and Alice Schultz) and for the Fashion Promenade at the Hotel Astor in NYC 1935 (Lady Hubert Wilkins, Virginia Judd, Margaret Horan as Horen).

Added Virginia Judd LIFE Mag cover by Eisenstadt for May 1938:

"Cover for the May 1938 issue of LIFE, featuring an image of 21-year-old Indianapolis native Virginia Judd, displaying the latest Summer Sports Style. Judd was voted the most beautiful model in America by the New York Art Director's Club. Photography courtesy of Alfred Eisenstaedt at the Westchester Country Club."


Perhaps some of these will help with IDs for ACJ and other photos. Some names are familiar: Carolyn Pierson, Margaret Horan, etc.

Please add in comments:

1. Correct spellings for names or complete name corrections. Names are per what's on the backs of the photos. I didn't check them or change them.

2. Unknowns: Please name if possible.

Thanks, everyone.

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