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  • sokheaven - 1Reply
    i am not sure -elsie behrens was my great grandmother's niece - they certainly seem to look alike. i do know elsie married someone named jack who was mayor in california. that is i know of her!

27 August 2013 by jane

I give up. I can't find where Vlad's ID of Mildred Adams as Mildred Armstrong came from and I can't find the album I posted on HZG for the question I asked about Mildred Adams news photos being of Elsie Behrens instead of Mildred. So here we go again.

1. Is the NEA nude of Mildred Armstrong really Mildred Adams as Mildred Armstrong? Any other NEA nudes of her resold to substantiate this better?

2. Is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pic 10 April 1929 really of Mildred Adams or is it Elsie Behrens. Says Mildred Adams in Ziegfeld's Whoopee but no such person located in ZF so far.

Thanks, jane


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