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Photographers for Ziegfeld #10: DeBarron Studio_david   Jul 4, '09 7:02 AM
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In the late 1920s, Florenz Ziegfeld detected a change in the aesthetic of portrait photography among the younger Broadway camera artists. A new lightsomeness and sculptural character using compressed ranges of tonality became popular among figures such as Irving Chidnoff, Herbert Mitchell, and Hal Phyfe. Of the practitioners of this new style, DeBarron Studio, particularly attracted Ziegfeld's eye. DeBarron Studio broke into the mass print market in 1926. In 1927 Ziegfeld began hiring the group to do portraits of Showgirls and featured performers in his theatrical productions. The studio remained on the short list of publicity photographers up until Ziegfeld's death, and for the late 1920s was second only to Alfred Cheney Johnston for the number of sittings booked. Housed in a sumptuous studio, DeBarron projected the sort of luxuriousness that Ziegfeld ever embraced, so earned the nod over the other photographers named above, who worked in more modest settings. DeBarron Studio did not weather the Depression and was sold in the mid-1930s. The brand survived under other ownership into World War 2. David S. Shields.

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