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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    Added this sub-album for Tapestry pics today. I need some help with it. Please read the text in the album.


Thanks to Otto for giving a name to this... the "Situation." :)

Long ago in a land far far away (Multiply) many of the reclining nudes were ID'd as Lillian Lorraine. Then OB and Johnny sorted them out. None were Lillian, some were Naomi. Still... there was a "Situation."

As the years went by, names were changed. Who was once one woman became another. Who was once ID'd was changed to Unknown.

The "Situation" has been going on for so many years and has so many facets to it that I can no longer figure out what the basic "Situation" is and what pics are involved in it. Please check and let me know what to add and what to remove.

And please remind me of what the "Situation" currently is so that I can find the matching comments, discussions, etc.

Thanks for your patience.



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