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Jeanette Hackett

Born: c. 1898
Died: August 16, 1979 (age 81, NYC)

Mother: Florence Hackett
Brothers: Albert Hackett, Raymond Hackett

Harry Delmar (c. Sept 1920 - ?)
John Steel (1930-his death in 1971)

Children: Donn Raymond Steel (born in 1930)

John Steel (from Wiki):

John Steel had a tempestuous marital history. In 1919, he married Sidonie Espero, another member of the cast of The Maid of the Mountains. A son, John W. Steel, Jr., was born to the marriage on June 15, 1921. The marriage foundered in 1921 amid allegations that Steel had abused his wife and abandoned her and the infant child. It ended in divorce in 1925.

Shortly after his divorce from Sidonie Espero, Steel married Mabel Stapleton, a professional violinist. They appeared together in a series of concerts. In 1929 he was named as correspondent in the divorce suit of Walter P. Inman, a stepson of tobacco magnate James Buchanan Duke. Inman accused his wife (Helen Garnet Patten Inman) of infidelity with Steel. In April 1930, in the wake of the highly publicized Inman divorce case, Mabel Steel sued John Steel for divorce. Mabel Steel was then living in Paris, and it was revealed that the couple had been living apart since 1927.

Steel's third wife was Jeanette (Janet) Hackett, a former dancer. Their son, Donn Raymond Steel, was born in 1930.

Steel died in New York City on June 25, 1971. His wife, Jeanette Hackett Steel, survived him. His son, Donn Steel, died in 1993.

John Steel (from Vitaphone Varities):

John Steel would survive until 1971, at which time he would succumb to a heart attack in New York. That same year, his widow, one Jeanette Hackett, would be involved in what was described as a "dreadful accident" while in the Hamptons, necessitating a requirement to transport her via air to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

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