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The Model Way to Hollywood, Motion Picture Mag Aug 1937_ACJ & ZF ref_jane 15 September 2013

ACJ ref: New York Models in Vogues of 1938 and Artists and Models 1938

Ziegfeld (ZF) ref: Models Club in Hollywood, co-director Doris "Ziegfeld" Lloyd, ZF Follies 1917-1926.

Below is snipped from: "The Model Way to Hollywood" - Motion Picture Magazine, August 1937

"... Walter Wanger is producing the first edition of his Vogues [Vogues of 1938]... featuring 14 models from New York. Paramount is shooting Artists and Models..."

Betty Wyman is the No. 1 model of the country and gets more money for posing than any other girl, her rate being $25 an hour. She won the advertising model award for 1935... She has designed the furs used in Vogues."

Frances Joyce, a magazine front cover girl, who has popularized cigarettes on the back covers... was in Earl Carroll's Vanities and has had a year's dramatic training at the Paramount studio in New York... Her modeling rates are $5 an hour when posing for photographs, $15 an hour in fashion work.

Olive Cawley is the daughter of a banker... She made her debut in society a year ago... She went to the John Powers Agency for Models, where most of the Voguettes were chosen. Mr. Powers hired her immediately..."

Elizabeth Harben... has graced the covers of magazines for several seasons. "I did the cigarette posings too."

Katherine Aldridge is "the girl with the perfect oval face."... Her face is considered ideal by editors of women's magazines.

Dorothy Day, busiest model of millinery in the country, also famous for her hands, looks like Carole Lombard... Her water color sketches have been extensively exhibited. She designs and makes all her clothes.

Phyllis Gilman is recognized as the perfect lingerie model... Was in Transatlantic Rhythm and Monte Carlo Follies, both produced in Europe.

Betty Douglas... was a teacher of telephone operators in Louisville before she became a model in New York department stores.

Noreen Carr... was in the Schubert musical review, Life Begins at 8:40. Has posed for cigarettes, toilet soap, and big New York stores. Co-ed type. Recently returned from Florida, where she posed for a cigarette ad with tropical backgrounds.

Ruth Martin... one of the shapeliest and prettiest Voguettes.

Peggy Calvin is the blondest of the blonde Voguettes. She is a Kansas City girl...

Ida Vollmar is known as the toothpaste girl; you have seen her smiling at you in countless ads and bill posters.

Martha Haverin... modeled for high class stores in New York and Chicago.

Mary Oakes has been married twice. Her first husband was killed in an aeroplane crash... She is the staff model for editorials in a woman's magazine, an assignment which covers every possible kind of specialized modeling from stockings to millinery.

"...Paramount has been selecting the models for Artists and Models from among Hollywood girls. Last night we sat with the three judges - Raoul Walsh, Leroy Prinz and Russell Patterson, the illustrator - to see how them pick 'em. The Leroy Prinz bungalow at the studio was crowded with girls, professional models or film dancers. A man snooped around taking candid camera shots..."

"There is a models' club in Hollywood, with a clubhouse on Hollywood Boulevard. Here every Thursday night a reiew is held for studio casting and dance directors, commercial artists, and photographers... These weekly reviews are conducted in exactly the same manner as we described above. Josephine Seymour, co-ordinator of the Club (the other director being Doris "Ziegfeld" Lloyd) tells of their various qualifications to the assembled guests. The girls merely have numbers. Their names are not given..."

"Doris Lloyd was glorified by Ziegfeld for nine seasons, from 1917 to 1926. "I've never been a beautiful dame," she told us. "Ziggy thought I had a terrific personality. Well, I always feel as if I'm on the witness stand. I used to clown a lot, to hide my embarrassment on the stage. I've always been scared to death of people. When we first started this club I had to make a speech before the Kiwanis Club. I told 'em this is the first speech I've made in my life. I was as red as a beet. A newspaper mug who was hanging around the place told me, "You are the first Ziegfeld Follies girl who blushes." Scouting for talent has been a hobby of mine ever since I entered the show world. I see so much material here overlooked by the studios, girls who are potential screen stars."

"The beautiful Brewster Twins, fashion and photographic models, now under contract to the 20th Century-Fox, belonged to this club when we first met them... Lynne Lamont ... is a member of Vic McLaglen's Girls' Troupe, composed of expert riders. Like most successful models she is versatile...

Pretty Virginia Dabney, who modeled in Fashion Follies, Turn Off the Moon, Stolen Holiday and other pictures, is now in the cast of Mountain Music... "I was two years with Warner Brothers as a show girl, but I didn't get anywhere till I started modeling...

There is an increasing demand for models in Hollywood. Russell Patterson estimates the demand 100% more than it was a year or two ago. Color photography has been a boon to models. So if you are thinking of breaking into pictures, consider the possibility of modeling. It's an incomparably better way of gaining recognition than extra or chorus work."

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