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There are three types of photo uploads: Add to existing albums, create new albums, create new sub-albums.

The sub-album feature is new to us. Reasons to create one include: An album of pics was created and you want to respond to it with additional photos. Instead of creating a new album under the main header (ex: Photography - Illustration), create it as a sub-folder of the album to which you're responding. This gives continuity to the album subject and gets rid of all the backtracking for info spread all over the place.

Ex: (ref pic 17) I created two sub-albums for vlad's latest post on Zayda Lord. They are prior posts on her from 2010 and 2011. On albums main page you can see there is a + under his latest album, indication there are sub-albums. On the page face showing the latest album, text notes that there are 2 sub-albums.

Uploading Photos

1. In left navigation panel in Menu section, choose Upload Photos. Screen opens with choices: Add to existing album or create new album or sub-album. (ref pic 1)

a. To add to an existing album choose it in the drop down menu.

b. To create a new album choose that option. Use the dropdown menu to create a new album in the appropriate section (ex: Photography - Illustration), add your album title in the area shown and hit Create. (ref pic 3)

c. To create a new sub-album choose create album and do the same as create a new album." Choose the existing album you want to add a sub-album for in the drop down down menu. (ref pic 4)

2.  Put your name in the "Photo Properties" author section (other fields optional). Hit select files, browse to the pics you're adding, highlight them and hit upload. (ref pic 1) When upload is complete you'll get a completion screen (ref pic 6). You can click on the album name in that screen to go directly to the album if you want to check that they wound up where you wanted them.

3. Pic order in albums: The default sort is alphabetical A to Z. For now, only Admins and Co-Admins can manually move pics around in the album after the album is uploaded so I'll get into that another time. If you'd like your album to have certain images at the beginning or end or elsewhere in the album, please ask one of them to help you.

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  • oldiznew - 1Reply
    Creating a new album or sub-album doesn't appear to be working. The option doesn't appear under the drop down like your screen shot. Do i need to have Admin privileges ?
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