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Vanity Fair - 1926_gumlegs    Jan 29, '09 8:04 PM  (from his Multiply site, posted in response to comments on Behind the Scenes in Beauty Land)

In 1926, Vanity Fair magazine (no relation to the present publication of the same name), asked a number of celebrities to describe the ideal woman. The results were quite interesting.

Ring Lardner's requirement number seven is most compelling.




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  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    studiolymar wrote on Jan 30, '09
    Hi there,
    Very interesting, no much difference with today's opinion i guess.
    Greets from a frozen Belgium

    gumlegs wrote on Jan 30, '09
    It's brisk here, too, on the east coast of the US as I write this. I've had these pages for many years, and the opinions of women I have shown them to are uniformly negative about Ziegfeld's comments. They appear to dislike his rather detached, mathematical description of beauty.

    Keep warm.

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Jan 31, '09
    What a wonderful article, G, thank you so much! Some humor and a refreshing break (I must say) from Flo's dogmatic approach.

    valvanb wrote on Feb 20, '09
    Re: Ziegfield... as a gal who IS 5'6" & 118... how *exactly* is one of my proportions supposed to have a size 5 shoe? Unless he's referring to a 12yo?

    And leave it to Valentino to make a list to make a girl swoon. =-)
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