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  • The Lone Wolf - 1Reply
    Hi Jane,

    Just wanted to thank you for even responding. That's very kind of you. And yes, I'm a little way that way as well. But I also tend to respond, even if it's been a while. :smile:

    Take care,

  • historicalzg - 1Reply
    @ The Lone Wolf : Hi RJ, sorry to be so late but that's me! I disappear for months at a time. Like the proverbial bad penny I always turn up again though. Eventually :smile:

    I wish I could help with your question but I have no idea. Anyone?

    Thanks for the album!

  • The Lone Wolf - 1Reply
    I added a detail 1:1 scan that shows the screen pattern. Is there a specific name for this type of prints? I've seen people use the term photogravure quite liberally, but I don't think it is correct in this case.


  • The Lone Wolf - 1Reply
    No idea if there is any connection between any of these and ACJ, but I doubt it, although they appear from around the same era. Just not to the same level, photography wise or simply the beauty of the models.

    I looked into some of the names imprinted (Rein Sardo, Paul Richard, Thane Happer) without coming up with anything useful.

    Prints are on semiglossy light stock, and about 8'' x 6'' in size. They are not photo prints, there is a pattern similar to screen printing. Not sure what the specific process name is.
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