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Germaine Laborde

...Miss France 1928
...Nina Mery (Folies Wagram, Casino de Paris)

"Germaine Laborde was Miss France 1928, after being elected Miss Gascogne in 1927. She
joined the 1929 Miss Europe contest but didn't win; she became third after Hungary and
Poland. At the time she was 22. Her father was a Bask, her mother from Bordeaux, both
worked at the Opera, while Laborde herself sang as well. Laborde participated in the 1929
Miss Universe contest in Galveston, Texas as well. Her outfits for the trip, the state of
the art in French fashion, were widely publicized.
In 1932 the Ruston Daily Leader wrote about her: "While being a French Beauty Queen made it
possible for Mile. Germaine Laborde to visit Galveston, New York, Chicago and Miami, she
maintains loyally that she is glad to have seen those "extraordinary places" but,
personally, she wouldn't care to live in them. "Terribly interesting, yes,'' she said, "and
I was offered a $1,000 a week to stay for a year and sing on the concert stage nightly. But
I refused. Not that I do not like money. I do. But not enough to stay a whole year in
America." On her return to France, Mile. Laborde played with Mistinguett at the Casino de
Paris in the revue, Paris-Miss. Her education has been musical since early childhood. Her
contribution in the way of advise, to the promoters of Beauty pageants, however, is that
"those whom the judges select as beauty queens, it seems to me, should be encouraged in the
direction their talents lie, rather than being lured into other fields. If, for instance,
she loves art, she should be helped to further a career in that direction; if the theatre
is her hobby, then all well and good. Whatever the vocation, .however, it should be
followed with the publicity and encouragement that is attended her as Queen, instead of
strange people in strange countries tempting her to do things she knows nothing about."
In addition to her theatrical career (in 1931 she was successful in her part in La Fille de
Madame Angot at the Trianon Lyrique), Laborde acted in the film Chacun sa chance by Rene'
Pujol and Hanns Steinhoff, starring Rene'e Heribel and Jean Gabin. Her career didn't last
very long and she became a nanny."

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