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    follies1932 wrote on Oct 11
    Mother and I were at this Ball with my 2 daughters - who were 10 yrs. old at the time. I have a photo of them sitting in the window at the Pierre -- and now my daughter, Laurie, is President of the Ziegfeld Club.

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Oct 11, edited on Oct 11
    Wow! How wonderful of you to share that with us! Laurie sees Nils often then? He is such a lovely lovely man, isn't he? Can you tell us more about being at this Ball? I would have loved to have been there. Apparently hundreds waiting outside for tickets though it was sold out would have loved to have been there too.

    Nice to meet you!


    follies1932 wrote on Oct 12
    Yes, actually Nils is the one who started the ball rolling to make Laurie President because her grandmother (my mother) was in the Follies. Nils is the sweetest man on earth! I think (if I remember correctly) Julie Newmar was crowned Miss Ziegfeld that year. There were still a few woman who had been in the Follies at the Ball. By the way, this is a wonderful website. Did you start it? What is your connection to the Ziegfeld Follies?

    ziegfeldgrrl wrote on Oct 12, edited on Oct 12
    Oh! Which is your mother? How wonderful for you to have such a personal connection to this history. I think you're right about Julie Newmar being Miss Ziegfeld that year. Wonderful! Do you remember which Follies women were there?

    This website... I started another Ziegfeld site here on Multiply maybe 5 or 6 years ago but wanted a place where everyone could post and contribute so I created this Group site. However this site is not, in essence, my creation. I only opened the place. It's the creation of the members here who contribute in various ways, with David S. Shields (profdash) and vlad posting most of the albums.

    Unfortunately for all of us here on Multiply, the social sites like this one will be shut down as of Dec 1. I'm currently in the process of moving things to a new site and I hope you'll join there:

    If/when you do, let me know who you are if you're using a different username so that I can add you to that new Group and give you access to the Photo Library.

    The new site is lacking many features we need but most will be added in the next year. Driving me crazy! No place to chat or comment on individual photos or such. I'm trying to figure out what to do between Dec 1 and the new feature additions to the new site.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    Oh, I have no connection to the Follies. Just a personal interest :smile:


Ziegfeld Club 20th Anniversary Ball Program - Nov 10, 1956_jane

Ziegfeld Club 39th Anniversary Ball Program - Nov 7, 1975_jane
by jane for group historicalziegfeld Dec 30, 2007

The Ziegfeld Club recently celebrated it's 100th Anniversary. The show was a great success and was sold out. Many who wanted to attend had to be turned away at the door. Doris Eaton Travis danced to great acclaim. I wish photos would show up somewhere!

This Anniversary Program from 1975 may be of interest only to me but I hope someone else enjoys it too. These are my scans. Some Alfred Cheney Johnston photos are included.

I like seeing some of the "after" pics of the Ziegfeld Girls and also discovering some new names. Also interesting to me are the last few pages showing the women who were enrolled in the Florida and California Chapters that year. Rubye De Remer, for instance, is enrolled as "Ruby DeRemer," a different spelling than was used during her performing days.

Rubye's relative recently got in touch with me on YouTube and I told her I had this item and some images. I said I hoped she'd stop by and say hello to everyone. How exciting to have yet another Ziegfeld Girl's relative turn up!

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