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Ziegfeld Club 47th Anniversary Program - March 23, 1984 - Tributes to Madeleine Janis Courter
by jane for group historicalziegfeld Jan 14, 2009

I thought this was an especially appropriate time to get this scanned and posted since the Ziegfeld Club's situation has been under discussion. For all the forgotten Girls and for all the families hunting for them... there are many names here I had not yet run across.

This Anniversary Program has many tribute pages to Madeleine Janis Courter who passed away in 1984 and tributes to others as well. The love that comes through for all of these women always touches me.

I hope someone finds something of interest here. I always do.

I have not been able to determine the stage names yet for some of the women who note that they were in the Follies or Frolics. If anyone does know them, please leave comments.

In this album: Annette Davies, Joseph Eaton, Myrna Maltby, Bobbi Tremain, Jean Palter, Rose Mariella, Ethel Gilbert, Jean Sirota, Claire Blauvelt, Marcelle Miller, Patricia Hill, Franklin Sisters, Bernice Lillie, Eleanor Dana, Rita Alexander, Annette Walker, Susie Raymond, Bernice Dee, Mary Eaton, Kitty Roland, Kathryn Black, Marie Bennett, Ethel Hardey, Polly O'Claire, Polly Duncan, Wini O'Malley, Eleanor O'Connell, Rose Vulcano, Millie Lankton, Doris Eaton, Peggy Benline, Rita Baron Pitts, Nona Otero, Mildred Darling, Charles Eaton, Rita Horgan, June Blane, Kathryn Johnson, Marie Totten, Madeleine Janis Courter, Edna Follett, Alvina Casucci, Myrna Dean, Evelyn Mills, Doris Vinton, Claire Connolly, Alice Daly, Peggy Cornell, Mae Karam, Eva Franklin, Susie Franklin, Alvina Carson, Bettie Rowland, Marcelle English, Alice Sterling, Mildred Lankton, Millie Darling, Marian Cammisa, Helen Burstein, Wini Shaw, Helen Hallis, Pearl Eaton, Bettie LaForest, and Evelyn Eaton.

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